Viseu Rural 2.0 project presented in Viseu

Viseu Rural 2.0,  a project directed by Binaural/Nodar, will be preliminary presented on Saturday, June 20th at 17:00, at Aquilino Ribeiro Park (Viseu), in the context of the Feast of Civil Parishes organized by the municipality of Viseu. Luis Costa, coordinator of Binaural/Nodar will explain the methodology of the project and show some audiovisual excerpts from the work already developed.

Viseu Rural 2.0 is an integrated project of media documentation, artistic creation (in sound and media arts) and cultural diffusion, developed in rural parishes of Viseu, with public performances in those parishes and in the city of Viseu. The project is rooted in the need to give expression and density to an entire rural arc that involves the city of Viseu and which memory and structure are also part of the story (including commercial) of the city itself. Somehow, the recent vitality of the city of Viseu has deepened its urban, innovative and future-oriented dimensions, therefore it is useful to establish cultural counterbalances that can put in evidence the rural matrix of the territory, as well as its recent transformation processes.

Viseu Rural 2.0 is a project deeply anchored in strong principles of continuity and density as opposed to the ephemeral and superficial nature of many cultural events in the contemporary world, which often dissipate without settling after its implementation. Therefore, all the work to be done (either landscape/ethno/anthropological documentation and artistic creation) will be organized, transcribed, cataloged and made accessible, creating a ballast for future iterations that could allow a gradual deepening, whether thematic or territorial .

The project is developed throughout the year of 2015, according to a production cycle that consists in three phases with a very precise methodological reflection: documentation, artistic creation and dissemination.

Viseu Rural 2.0 is a project co-funded by the municipality of Viseu (in the context of the Viseu Terceiro Programme), the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission and the Portuguese General Directorate for the Arts.

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