Ràdio País, a French radio station in Languedoc language is weekly broadcasting the full 50 Rádio Tramontana shows produced by Binaural / Nodar in 2012 and 2013 and originally broadcast by Radio Lafões, São Pedro do Sul (Portugal).

This first series of Radio Tramontana, hosted by Luís Costa in collaboration with Manuela Barile, was a radio experience with a strong participatory penchant somewhere halfway between ruralist and traditionalist narrative, sound anthropology and musical experimentation, almost entirely linked to themes from the Gralheira mountain range and river Paiva valley, resulting from investigations carried out by Binaural/Nodar in the context of the European project Tramontana, which also included associations from the French Pyrenees and the Italian Apennines.

From September 2015 is scheduled a second series of Rádio Tramontana, from the series of collections carried out by Binaural/Nodar from 2014 in the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Viseu.