“The Regional Press of Lafões during the First Republic” Released by Edições Nodar

The Regional Press of Lafões during the First Republic (1910-1926)
by Norberto Gomes da Costa

Edições Nodar (nodar.012)
March 2015

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Book launching session
Saturday, April 18 at 17.30
Auditorium of Queen Amelia Spa (Termas de Sao Pedro do Sul)
Presentation of the book by Prof. Dr. Ernesto Castro Leal, Professor of History at the Faculty of Literature, University of Lisbon.

“The Regional Press of Lafões during the First Republic (1910-1926)” results from research conducted by Norberto Gomes da Costa at regional and national newspaper libraries in order to show how was perceived in a rural region a period of the Portuguese history that forever changed the political and social context of the country: the change from a monarchy to a republican regime.

The idea for the book was risen from the desire to give thematic continuity to a volume published in 2012, “Lafões: Press and History (1895-1910)”, which, like the present volume, was  the result of a series of articles published by the biweekly Gazeta da Beira. While “Lafões: Press and History (1895-1910)” addressed the way how were lived and thought in Lafões (a portuguese sub-region comprised of three municipalities: São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades) the troubled period that led to the establishment of a Republic on October 5th, 1910, this present volume covers the no less troubled years that followed and which commonly are designated by First Republic, a period that goes from 1910 to the dawn of the New State (fascist regime) in 1926.

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