“Sound Memory of Cork” book+CD published

Sound Memory of Cork
by Luís Gomes da Costa
72 page full colour book
CD with 65.05 minutes sound piece

A co-edition of:
Edições Nodar, nodar.011
Tramontana Sonora, TRS.004

Price: 10 Euro + P&P
Orders: Please send an email to info-binauralmedia.org

This publication is a direct result of an art project, Sound Memory of Cork by Luís Gomes da Costa (Binaural/Nodar’s coordinator), developed between September and December 2014 together with manufacturing communities (current and former employees and entrepreneurs) and education communities (primary school teachers and students) in various locations in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

Sound Memory of Cork resulted from a multidisciplinary field work carried out between September and December 2014 and that included  analysis of historical documents (local press, newsletters from the National Board of Cork, scientific articles, APCOR-Portuguese Cork Association’s publications, etc.), sound recordings in cork factories with more than fifty students of the school community of Santa Maria da Feira county and interviews with relevant actors within the sector, such as current and former workers, entrepreneurs, association leaders and museum managers. The final work created an immersive and contemporary environment, placing in parallel a stereo sound composition and two multi-channel audiovisual installations, one at Casa da Cultura de Lourosa and another at Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas, this one open until May 23rd, 2015.

Sound Memory of Cork was commissioned by the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira and the Association of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra and Band of Santa Maria da Feira, which co-produced the project together with Binaural/Nodar.

This publication is a co-edition of  Edições Nodar (Binaural/Nodar’s publishing project) and Tramontana Sonora (an European collection dedicated to sound anthropology and ethnomusicology).

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