Luis Costa speaker at “Culture Policies for Development” conference in Almada

In the year celebrating its 10th anniversary, Artemrede organizes the International Conference “Cultural Policies for Development”, scheduled for February 12, at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, in Almada (Portugal). This initiative aims to promot a moment of reflection and debate based on two central areas to the cultural development of territories and communities: the government policies and the role of culture in the definition of integrated spatial development strategies on the one hand; responsibility and social commitment of the cultural organizations on the other.

The program, which invites a set of speakers with knowledge and experience in the topics under discussion, reflects the following: a refusal to make a ‘cultural’ debate about the culture before integrating aspects of culture and development/territorial planning ; the will to start the reflection at the root of thought, through communications that put the “hard questions” and propose other ways of framing problems; progressive specialization of the debate, with the afternoon already divided into two panels, which correspond consistently to the areas of strategic focus followed by Artemrede: mediation and cultural programming; regional governance and cultural policies.

The coordinator of Binaural / Nodar Luis Costa will be one of the speakers, and his intervention (titled: “Lessons, uncertainties and discomforts of 10 years of art in a rural context”) is integrated in the panel “Cultural mediation with territories and communities – responsibility and social commitment “, along with Marta Porto and Elisabete Paiva, with moderation in charge of António Pinto Ribeiro (start: 14:30).

Go here to the Conference program.

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