Wednesday, December 3rd, 22:00
Foyer of Viriato Theatre, Viseu (PT)
Conference / Performance by Luís Costa and Manuela Barile

Saturday, December 6th, 21:00
Jaime Gralheiro Cine-Theatre, São Pedro do Sul (PT)
Commemorative session
Screening of films “Sons do Rural” by Tiago Santos and “Of this Parish” by David Prior and Frances Crow.

From São Pedro do Sul to the world, warm and sincere greetings to the people, communities and entities with whom we crossed our paths along these past ten years.

“We live for ten years (time flies!) in a very specific context: A rural mountain world (Gralheira Mountain Range, São Pedro do Sul, Portugal) We made a return path, a difficult yet necessary path to the origins , one that involves an existential questioning : thinking more in depth and less in extension; leaving the house wanting to be with the other and not to turn awayfrom the other (for fear of tripping); accepting our fellow human beings in their totality (farmers or whoever they may be); renewing the lost sense of family (like tracing the family tree); accepting religion as an important mediation between space, community(ies) and becoming; letting time run slowly to accept much of what comes to us (instead of eagerly scratching for each “window of opportunity”). ”

Luis Costa
Sound artist and documentarist, president

“It is important to rediscover the quality of life, of the sense of place. Place as a specific territory, a key to a possible economic response capable of providing some answers to some of the problems posed by globalization. The process of rediscovering the sense of place requires a deep analysis and an investigation of the relations between different and co-existing dimensions: the territory in a geographical sense and the people that shape the communities, their memory and tradition – for example exploring the relationship with the ancestors, with aspects of the natural and ecological conformation to the territory, with the symbols and paths of rituality and religiosity deposited as indelible signs in the land. ”

Manuela Barile
Performer and visual artist, artistic director

“Recording a sound is not art as much as taking a picture is not art. Art involves an aesthetic vision, a sense of transcendent, a concept that will be put in practice using certain techniques. Sound recording is only one of these techniques. In fact, the criticism that can be made to some of the sound art today is that it’s too focused on technical components and in mere logical and “para-scientific” exercises with a total absence of an aesthetic or poetic sense. ”

Rui Costa
Sound artist, content and editorial director