Binaural/Nodar at Sons e Ruralidades Festival, with a loaded saddle

Binaural/Nodar takes part in the 9th Sons e Ruralidades Festival, which runs between 19 and 21 September in the municipality of Vimioso (district of Bragança), presenting three activities that cover as many complementary facets of its contemporary intervention in connection with rural landscapes and communities, which can be defined as the creation of new spaces of mediation, inquiry and expression that may go beyond strict heritage aspects.

Sons & Ruralidades Festival, organized by AEPGA, is part of a development program for the Portuguese northeast region thats includes art and culture as drivers for its revival, through new artistic, social and economic approaches. Stimulating synergies between both flora and fauna heritage and cultural (both tangible and intangible) heritage. Thinking humans as part of nature and biodiversity as a whole. Generating new opportunities to create and reflect collectively on local development and providing new visions for the future.

1. Friday, September 19, 21h30 (village of S. Joanico)
Presentation of the book + CD
São Pedro do Sul: New Rural Listenings“, by Luis Gomes da Costa

2. Friday, September 19, 22h00 (village of S. Joanico)
Screening of the documentary
Sons do Rural” by Tiago Dias dos Santos

3. Saturday, September 20, 11h00 (between Serapicos and S. Joanico)
Soundwalk along the river Angueira
Coordination: Luís Gomes da Costa

Binaural/Nodar proposes a listening experience, conceived to a specific landscape while articulation of geography and human interventions, on a single moment in time. From a set of initial sensorial instructions participants will be invited to walk the riverside landscape of Angueira river and make their experience a dense bundle of impressions, interpretations and memories. The soundwalk  will be recorded using different microphones for subsequent sharing with the participants, thus creating one unrepeatable sound postcard.

The river Angueira is an international river which springs in Spain near the village of Alcanizes. On its way to pour on the Sabor, enters in Portugal in São Martinho de Angueira, a village of the municipality of Miranda do Douro, then crosses the municipality of Vimioso, where it runs through Angueira, Serapicos, S. Joanico, Campo of Víboras, Uva and Algoso (from Wikipedia).

Festival poster:


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