“Ten years after, in the mountains” presented in Penna S. Andrea (Italy)

2 August 2014, 10.00am – 7.00pm
Seminar “Cultures of Passage: Transmission, Recognition, Reinvention”
Centro Polivalente

Penna S. Andrea, Teramo (Italy)

“Ten years after, in the mountains”
A conference/performance by Luís Costa and Manuela Barile

A free flow of words, sounds, photos, videos, whispers, laughs and memories telling the provisional and contingent history of Binaural/Nodar, a cultural organization that works on the rural area of the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, Portugal) and that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. “The years after, in the mountains” is also a life comedy, of how the daily existence of a family was progressively transformed and intertwined with the field work and contemporary artistic creation in mountain villages thus generating a flow of personal memories, some of them happy others not so much: the birth of the children, the collaboration with more than 100 artists who have been hosted in that territory since 2006 and also the inevitable death of so many dear friends who inhabited the region.

The conference/performance will consist of “thematic scenes” precisely half way between a conference and a performance, alternatively presented by Manuela Barile (vocal performer and visual artist, artistic director of Binaural/Nodar) and Luis Costa (sound and media researcher/educator and president of Binaural/Nodar). Each scene will include photographic, sound and video content connected to the history of Binaural/Nodar

Full program of the seminar here: http://bambun.webnode.com

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