Fieldwork in Rompecilha and Bondança presented in Farindola (Italy)

31 July 2014, 9.00pm
Presentation of the Tramontana European Project
Headquarters of the Gran Sasso and Laga Hills National Park
Farindola, Teramo (Italy)

Binaural/Nodar’s Manuela Barile will present the multimedia conference “Blessed is the land that germinates, sounds and sings: The cycles of linen and corn in the Gralheira Mountain Range”, an overview of two long researches that lasted for more than one year in the villages of Rompecilha (the linen cycle) and Bondança (the corn cycle), which intertwine landscape, agriculture, sounds and songs. These researches are part of Binaural/Nodar’s participation in the Tramontana European Project, and are included in the Memory Archive of Dão Lafões e Paiva, a fully catalogued and transcribed digital repository of hundreds of sound, photographic and video records of rural areas of Portugal’s Viseu and Aveiro districts.

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