Of This Parish
A Film by David Prior and Frances Crow
HD, 25’00”

Co-produced by Liminal and Binaural/Nodar

Of This Parish follows St. Anthony as he travels from a church tower out to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of Sul – the Parish in the Gralheira mountains of Portugal where it is set – and a meditation on the changing role of bells in a rural community.

Evoking the magico-sacred power of bells, the film weaves in local myths and traditions, comparing the historic role of the bell in transmitting messages with the latter-day defunct radio towers found on the edge of the parish.

Of This Parish was filmed on location in the parish of Sul and features the voice of Luis Costa who was born in the region and is now one of the founders of the Binaural/Nodar the art organisation that co-produced the film with liminal. Liminal is a UK studio, which explores the relationship between, sound, space and listening.

This film is available as DCP with stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 sound. It is also available in stereo or 5.1 sound as a either a .mov file (h.264 or ProRes422), Blu Ray or DVD. As the film is substantially led by its sound, and was first mixed in surround, surround presentation is recommended.

Of This Parish was made possible with support from the Arts Council England.

Contacts from programming and screening:

David Prior (Liminal): david-liminal.org.uk
Luís Costa (Binaural/Nodar): luis-binauralmedia.org