Helen Petts filming for Manuela Barile

The English visual artist and film-maker Helen Petts is in Portugal between March 25th and April 1st 2010, filming the performance “Oikos” for Manuela Barile’s “Locus in Quo” project. Visual artist and film-maker, Helen has been working extensively in the field of free improvised and experimental music and live art both in still photography and video. Currently making 12 short film collaborations with musicians for “Adventures in the House of Memory” – a large collaborative project curated by visual artist Anne Bean of many musicians, live artists, pyrotechnicians who worked with Paul Burwell, percussionist, founder member of the London Musician’s Collective and member of the Bow Gamelan Ensemble, who died in 2007 – for exhibition at Matts Gallery April 2010.

Helen Petts is the Co-promoter (with guitarist John Russell) of Mopomoso free improvised music night at the Vortex Jazz Club and runs a Youtube channel of free improv concerts and associated art work. Also she is working on a film about Max Eastley’s sound sculptures.

She is a former TV producer/director of arts programmes such as BBC2’s The Late Show and Channel 4’s Without Walls.

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