Binaural/Nodar participates in conference at Grão Vasco Museum, Viseu (PT)

Culture, Innovation and Valorisation of Territorial Resources in Portugal 2020
Grão Vasco Museum, Viseu (PT)
Friday, 4 July 2014, 9h30 – 18h00

This event aims to discuss investment opportunities and funding in the areas of culture, innovation and creativity in the next round of EU funding (2014/2020), while regional development and territorial enhancement factors. The “Europe 2020” and “Portugal 2020” strategies elect these areas as central in promoting competitiveness, internationalization, social cohesion and stimulating job creation. At the same time, the cultural and artistic innovation assets are recognized as resources of great importance in the development and promotion of the region of Viseu Dão Lafões, in the valuation of cities, in tangible and intangible heritage, tourism offer, as well as in generating new activities and promoting social inclusion.

Binaural/Nodar participates in the panel “Culture in the “discovery” of the territory: to affirm the potential for innovation and growth that tends to go unnoticed,” under which Luís Costa, chairman of direction will submit a proposal for structural intervention, regard to their involvement in geographical referencing projects of socio-cultural aspects.

Viriato Theatre and ACERT, partners Binaural/Nodar in Viseu Dão Lafões Cultural Network will be part of the same panel, respectively, with the presentations: “Culture and Social Innovation” and “Culture and Entrepreneurship in Scenography”

The conference is co-organized by the Municipality of Viseu and Inter-municipal Community of Viseu Dão-Lafões.

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