First edition of Miguel Portas prize distinguished Binaural/Nodar

From portuguese press agency Lusa:

The first edition of Miguel Portas prize distinguished Binaural/Nodar, São Pedro do Sul (Portugal), an “exemplary project” in articulating “new artistic languages ​​” with a rural context.

“Their persistence, resilience and quality, as well as their distinction before the inattention with which the Portuguese cultural and social context have ignored and kept invisible this project, witness the ability of this award to highlight a citizens’ initiative that enriches and diversifies not only the small community where it is carried out, as well as the community of all of us who join in to recognize it” justifies the award jury.

The Miguel Portas prize, worth 10.000 euros and that distinguishes social initiatives, being promoted by a group of friends and family of the founder of Bloco de Esquerda, who died in 2012 , was

[ … ] awarded in Lisbon [on 30 April 2014  .

This was the first edition of this prize, having been received about 60 projects, the organization told Lusa .

In the opinion of the jury , Binaural/Nodar is an “exemplary project on how it articulates quality, rigor and a commitment to experimentation in new artistic languages ​​in a rural context, overlooked by the mainstream routes of cultural events in Portugal”.

The award “aims to give visibility to reflections and social and cultural practices around European issues and, in particular, Portugal and the Mediterranean world,” maintains the organization.

“Miguel Portas left a legacy of emotions, ideals, principles and causes and a both comprehensive and under construction set of reflections, and established a particular attention to people and territories. He promoted distinctive ways to establish discussions and plural critical reflections about our present world, leaving us marks of vitality and generosity in many and varied fronts” still state those responsible for the award.

Miguel de Sacadura Doors died April 24, 2012, victim of a cancer . He hold a degree in Economics, was a journalist and was involved to politics since his teen ages,  militating in Portuguese Communist Party. In 1999 he founded Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc) along with Francisco Louçã, Fernando Rosas and Luís Fazenda, and was twice elected member of European Parliament (2004 and 2009 ).

More Information about Miguel Portas and Miguel Portas prize:

Photo by Vitor Figueiredo, president of São Pedro do Sul Municipality. All rights reserved.
From left to right, Rui Costa (media contents director of Binaural/Nodar), Manuela Barile (artistic director of Binaural/Nodar), Ana Soromenho ( journalist) and Luís Costa (president of Binaural/Nodar).

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