Manuela Barile
The Sense of Pain: Two Works by Manuela Barile
Edited by Luís Costa, Filippo Lanci and Gianfranco Spitilli
104 page book + DVD with works “Cà” e “Moroloja”
Bilingual edition: Italian and English
Published by Edições Nodar (nodar.008) and La Parette della Caverna (002)
Book price: 15 euro + P&P

Sales available from 15 April 2014
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Video exhibition of “Cà” and “Moroloja” between 15  and 17 April 2014, from 17h00 to 22h00
Former Sancta Maria Apruntensis Cathedral (Sant’Anna)
Piazza Sant’Anna, Teramo (Italy)

Edições Nodar in collaboration with the Video Collection “La Parette della Caverna” publish an essay book + DVD about two art works of religious nature by Manuela Barile: “Cà” and “Moroloja”, both developed in the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, PT), where the artist and Binaural/Nodar’s artistic director artist lives. Two works about mourning death, either individual (of a mother for her daughter ) or collective (the death of a village), whose character is a mater dolorosa who initiates a  mourning process and as such, the restoration of a new equilibrium.

“Cà ” and ” Moroloja” are two audio/video works deeply marked by anthropological elements of the religious feeling in Southern Italy and in the rural mountain villages of the Gralheira mountain range and both works are the subject of multidisciplinary analysis in the fields of  Christian theology, anthropology and art critique, written by specialist in sacred art and patrologist Father Filippo Lanci, by demo-ethno-anthropologist Gianfranco Spitilli, by Luís Costa, president of Binaural/Nodar and by Manuela Barile herself.

This publication and the accompanying exhibition, taking place during Holy Week in a important Italian city (Teramo), are possible with the specific contribution of Diocesan Office for Sacred Art at the Diocese of Teramo-Atri (Abruzzo region, Italy ) and with the structural funding to Binaural / Nodar by the Government of Portugal through its General Directorate for the Arts.

 Binaural/Nodar wishes to publicly thank the unexcelled commitment of both Father Filippo Lanci and Dr. Gianfranco Spitilli to the achievement of both this publication and exhibition.