“The City of Mathew: A Viseu Campanology” by Luis Costa in development

Title: “The City of Mathew: A Viseu Campanology”
Author: Luís Costa
Co-production: Binaural/Nodar and Viriato Theatre
Artistic collaboration: Rui Costa
Collaboration: youths from the parishes of the city of Viseu (PT)
Partnership: Cultural Heritage Department at the Diocese of Viseu

Fieldwork and rehearsls in development until 30 May 2014
Public presentation in the public space of Viseu: 31 May 2014, 20h30.

“The City of Matthew ” is a sound composition by Luís Costa to be performed exclusively by bells of seven churches and chapels from the city of Viseu to be activados by dozens of young volunteers (associated to the various parishes of Viseu) from visual score based with instructions related to sound perception of the city itself, creating a specific and unrepeatable phonosphere of one of the iconic cities in the religious history of Portugal. Two routes will be proposed to the audience to be followed simultaneously along with the interpretation of the work, both culminating in Largo da Sé, the main cathedral square.

“The City of Matthew” draws from various sources and influences that contribute to a narrative that acts on the emotional activation of the work, which tries to escape a purely sonic event: First, the symbolic and liberating aspect of youths to access belfries steeples, considered hard to reach places, but also the narrative connection to the theological significance of Matthew, a saint who’s name is associated with the longstanding fair city of Viseu. The Matthew of the Gospel that condemns ostentation in the practice of three fundamental Jewish virtues: almsgiving, fasting and prayer, an absolutely contemporary idea, in times where solidarity is becoming an instrument for social promotion and legitimization.

“Mathew’s City” is co-produced for Viseu A… a festival which will take place between 24 May and 1 June. A contemporary art program performed by many people and by many artists. Hundreds of people in various places, Viseu, São Pedro do Sul, Mangualde, Tondela and Nelas will enter into dialogue with  Theatre, Music, Dance and New Circus. A unique experience to celebrate and feel today’s world within the horizon of the arts.

Viseu A. ..
MAI 24 to 01 JUN’14

An organization of Viriato Theatre (a structure funded by the Secretary of State for Culture, DGArtes and Municipality of Viseu)
Consulting and Artistic coordination: Giacomo Scalisi and Madalena Victorino
Action co-financed by Mais Centro-Regional Operational Programme of the Centre, QREN, European Union/European Regional Development Fund and CIM Viseu Dão Lafões
Partners in the host program : Municipality of Mangualde, Municipality of Nelas, Municipality of S. Pedro do Sul, Municipality of Tondela/ACERT and Municipality of Viseu.
Join all programming from 22 April 2014 at www.teatroviriato.com

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