A performance/installation by Manuela Barile
Manuela Barile, Romulus Neagu and amateur actors from the villages of the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, PT)
Co-production Binaural/Nodar and Viriato Theatre
Residency ongoing until May 25, 2014

A contemporary creation, a retelling of elements from the popular legend of St. Macarius (São Pedro do Sul, PT) , interwoven with reflections and excerpts from the life of José Almeida, octogenarian, sculptor and stonemason from the village of Macieira and profound lover of everything surrounding the saint St. Macarius, having reached the point of building a particular shrine in his honour.

The legend of St. Macarius speaks of a poor muleteer who mistakenly killed his parents and, as a sign of repentance, became a hermit having set high on a mountain, the mount Magaio later called mount St. Macarius, where there nobody lived and where he could worship God in peace, being poorly fed with berries, honey and insects. Despite living in isolation, Macarius had sporadic contact with the nearest village (Macieira), from which for example he would get coals to warm himself, carrying them on hand without being burned as a sign of penance which, according to its devotees, was a proof of his holiness. One day, however, carrying the coals he found a beautiful shepherdess from that village and got burned after looking at her legs, which showed the temptations that could potentially harass a hermit in the pursuit of holiness.

“Macário ” is the tale of the rise of a saint, a tale that never was told by anyone. An unknown legend that it will revive at the ancient chestnut tree grove next to the village of Macieira, near the mount St. Macarius. Having the fate to live a lifetime between earth and sky, these trees are testimonies of the passage of time and perennial truths.

“Macário” is co-produced for Viseu A… a festival which will take place between 24 May and 1 June. A contemporary art program performed by many people and by many artists. Hundreds of people in various places, Viseu, São Pedro do Sul, Mangualde, Tondela and Nelas will enter into dialogue with  Theatre, Music, Dance and New Circus. A unique experience to celebrate and feel the today’s world within the horizon of the arts.

Viseu A. ..
MAI 24 to 01 JUN’14

An organization of Viriato Theatre (a structure funded by the Secretary of State for Culture, DGArtes and Municipality of Viseu)
Consulting and Artistic coordination: Giacomo Scalisi and Madalena Victorino
Action co-financed by Mais Centro-Regional Operational Programme of the Centre, QREN, European Union/European Regional Development Fund and CIM Viseu Dão Lafões
Partners in the host program : Municipality of Mangualde, Municipality of Nelas, Municipality of S. Pedro do Sul, Municipality of Tondela/ACERT and Municipality of Viseu.
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