Binaural/Nodar is co-founder of two audiovisual collections

Binaural/Nodar, through its publication project Edições Nodar, became part of two international partnerships for the production, editing and distribution of CDs and DVDs, both framed by collections, which integrate some of the future publications of Edições Nodar, namely the ones with a more documentary / ethnographical / anthropological approach.

1. A Parede da Caverna Video Collection

A videographic collection that aims to discover what is hidden in the shadows, in the formerly inhabited houses, in the breaking point between the real and the imaginary, in which matter becomes dream and reality is transformed, in order to preserve the memory of films that are testimony of a different present, captured both yesterday and today. The inexorable flow of times requires anchorage points, requires meanings that are located in the depths to be brought into light, filming its surface.

A Parede da Caverna (‘The Wall of the Cave’), from the myth of Plato and the Hollow Earth theory, investigates unexpected relationships with reality or with the idea of ​​reality, through visual forms of writing which are united within a same collection of different aesthetic languages ​​and rare, fragile and sensitive audiovisual materials.

The first publication of A Parede da Caverna Video Collection is a documentary about an old organetto (concertina) player from the Italian region of Abruzzo, Basilio D’Amico, whom the anthropologist and filmmaker Gianfranco Spitilli followed in the last years of his life until his death in 2012.


2. Tramontana Sonora

Tramontana Sonora was founded by organizations and research institutions from France, Italy, Portugal and Romania, which are partially included in the European project ” Tramontana Network”, whose sphere of action connects ethnomusicological, anthropological, sociolinguistic and soundscapes studies, under a permanent and deep relationship with communities and people.

Tramontana Sonora is a collection of contemporary sound stories in which men, women and children relate to their cultural heritage and the testimonies of their elders. The collection is the result of research conducted mainly in rural areas of southern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe, especially conservative areas which are undergoing processes of fast socio-cultural transformation.

Tramontana Sonora aims to be a meeting place between times, sounds and different languages ​​which can be reached traveling many experience paths, away from the heavily beaten tracks.

The first work in Tramontana Sonora is “CIARVAVÌ – Sonate and canti della Valle del Vomano imparati the orecchio dagli anziani”. The CD was recorded during the Holy Week of 2012 in 6 days. The recording is the direct emanation from several years of research by Li Ciarvavì and Roberto Saputelli in the middle course of the river Vomano in northern Italian region of Abruzzo, with their elders, grandparents and relatives about the music and rural culture from where they all come.


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