Binaural/Nodar awarded with Anim’arte 2013 prize

Binaural/Nodar’s Nodar Rural Art Lab was awarded with the Special Jury Prize of Anim’arte Awards 2013 for its role for cultural innovation in the region of Viseu.

The Anim’arte Awards are organized by the Anim’Arte magazine aimed at dignifying personalities, artists, leaders and Associative institutions as agents of local and regional development. The awards are therefore a public acknowledgment of the work done by all kinds of cultural and social agents.

The Anim’Arte magazine is a publishing project of the Intervention Group and Artistic Creativity of Viseu – GICAV that over the past 21 years has pursued one of its priority objectives by disseminating cultural and artistic projects, whether collective or individual of artistic organizations from the Viseu region in Portugal, that in their own right deserve to be promoted to a wider audience.

This year the Anim’Arte Gala, an annual show organized by GICAV, will be held at the Aula Magna of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu on June 22 at 21h30 and will include the Official Ceremony of Anim’Arte Awards. Binaural/Nodar directors Luís Costa and Manuela Barile, as well as young 18 years old collaborator Nely Ferreira will be present at the ceremony to receive the award.

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