Debate Series “Interrogative Mode”
São Luiz Theatre, Lisbon (PT)
Thursday, May 30, 2013, from 18h30 to 22h30

Luís Costa, coordinator of Binaural / Nodar and documentarist, sound and media arts organizer and curator, was invited to participate in the second stage of the debates series “Interrogative Mode” taking place on May 30th at São Luiz Theatre in Lisbon, in order to deepen and share some ideas about the role of cultural differentiators for the increase of awareness and promotion of territories, from his experience of almost a decade ahead of an association that develops most of its activities in a periphereal area, both rural and mountainous (São Pedro do Sul).

“Interrogative Mode” is a program of debates and reflection that aims to analyze short, medium and long term proposals for the cultural sector. The second module, Culture and Cities, focuses on the analysis and discussion of different models for political-cultural practices in cities, in a year of municipal elections and changing relations between the central government and municipalities in Portugal, under the new law financing and indebtedness. Culture, tourism and local government are discussed through examples of success and failure both on the Portugese mainland and islands.

Together with Luis Costa will be present at the meeting “Interrogative Mode” the following persons: Catarina Vaz Pinto (Municipality of Lisbon), Alexandra Gonçalves (Municipality of Faro), Claudia Ferreira (Municipality of Évora), Francisca Abreu (Municipality of Guimarães), António Pinto Ribeiro (curator and art critic), Henrique Amoedo (Dançando com a Diferença), João Pedro Vaz (Comédias do Minho), Luís Ferreira (Bons Sons Festival), Paul Vasques (Circular – Performing Arts Festival) and João Guimarães.

Commissioner: Tiago Bartolomeu Costa
Organization: São Luiz Municipal Theatre