A Vaquinha no Vouguinha: Three Audio/Video Installations at Imaginarius Festival

A Vaquinha no Vouguinha
Triptych of sound and audio/visual installations
Imaginarius Festival, Santa Maria da Feira (PT)
24 – 26 May, 2013

Former Municipal Slaughterhouse
Railway Station
Municipal Market

“A Vaquinha no Vouguinha” (“The Little Cow Goes by Train”) is a triptych of sound and audiovisual installations by Binaural/Nodar’s coordinator Luís Costa, whose narrative, situated somewhere between the dreamy and the documentary, is based on the historical fact of cattle coming from the Gralheira, Arada and Freita mountain ranges being transported in wagons of the Vouga Valley train to slaughterhouses on the coast, including Santa Maria da Feira.

The exhibition will be held at three structures in Santa Maria da Feira associated with the process of transport, slaughter and sale of cattle (the former slaughterhouse, the railway station and a butcher’s market) and, the fact that these structures are virtually abandoned or unused, imparts a delicious irony to the audiovisual return of the cattle to these places of yore, hoping to be as delicicious as the gastronomic delicacies of the Alvarenga steak or the Lafões veal.

The documentation material from “A Vaquinha no Vouguinha” was recorded in the scope of the Memory Archive of Lafões, Vouga and Paiva River Valleys, directed by Binaural / Nodar and part of the Tramontana Network – Southern European Network of Memory Archives, a project financed by the Culture 2007-2013 program of the European Commission.


“A Vaquinha no Vouguinha”
from the mountain to the plain ”

A triptych of sound and audiovisual installations
A co-production between Binaural/Nodar and  Imaginarius Festival

Original idea: Luis Costa
Artistic support: Manuela Barile and Rui Costa
Sound and video recordings: Luis Costa, Manuela Barile, Nely Ferreira, Ricardo Frade, Nuno Sousa, André Moita
Sound and video editing: Luis Costa

Exhibition co-funded by the Portuguese General Directorate for the Arts and Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Commission.

Additional information on Imaginarius Festival: http://www.imaginarius.pt

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