The movie “A Esposa”, by Manuela Barile (artistic director of Binaural/Nodar) and the Portuguese filmmaker Sérgio Cruz, has just been selected for the 2013 edition of the Australian International Experimental Film Festival, which will take place in Melbourne between May 1st and 5th, 2013.

Date and time of the screening: 4.May.2013, 3.30pm
Section: “Faraway Lands and Places”
Venue: LOOP, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne (AUS)

“A Esposa” (“The Spouse”) is a documentary film that comes from a poetic reflection on the ancestral importance of marriage in the context of rural mountain communities, particularly the rites of passage of the day of the ceremony where the bride leaves the home where she was born and grown up towards an uncertain future where nothing will be as before. “A Esposa” was based on an investigation of multiple elements of intangible heritage connected to the theme of the wedding, developed in the village of Sequeiros (municipality of São Pedro do Sul), including first-person accounts of women who live in the village and whose voices appear in the film. The film ends with a traditional song recorded in the natural landscape of Manhouce with Isabel Silvestre and rural women.

For further information on the festival, please click here.

For further information on the movie, please click here.