“Passageira em Casa” by Maile Colbert hosted by Australian artist in residence program

“Passageira em Casa / Passenger at Home”, a intermedia maritime project by Maile Colbert, produced by Binaural/Nodar and funded by the Government of Portugal | General Directorate for the Arts is having an australian version developed between March 25th and April 14th, 2013 in the scope of the international Artist in Residence Program—iAIR, at the School of Art – RMIT University in Melbourne.

Public Presentations: 11 and 12.Apr.13, 7.00pm, RMIT University, iAIR Studio 1, Melbourne (AUS)

Passageira em Casa is an Intermedia and Interdisciplinary maritime performance inspired by the journey to define the concept of “home” and migration. The narrative is a partially fictionalized account of the Maritime history of Portugal , and the debate behind whether the Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Australia. Within this the project begins to discuss and question the idea and importance behind being The First. Context specific in varying historical, cultural, lingual, architectural, and personal aspects, the project has a conceptual anchor, but will always be born new as it travels to different locations and through different situations as an epic Exquisite Corpse. The Australian version may include an intermedia installation, an interdisciplinary performance using the installation as an interactive stage, and a sound map following the possible “Discovery” routes from Europe to Australia and the impact on flora and fauna in the time to follow. Elements from the Portuguese version will blend within the Australian version within the context of the Exquisite Corpse, including video, sound and song, text, as well as video dance and an interactive game using the task-based choreography developed for the project. Interviews will be made of Portuguese and Australian students on the idea and importance of “First”.

Maile Colbert will then present the research for the Australia chapter of the project at the Music and Sound Ecology Conference, between May 27th and 30th, at the Paris 8 University and will give an academic presentation of the project at Instituto Superior da Maia, Porto on May 23rd.

For more information on the project, click here.

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