Creative Sound Lab at Commucations Museum (Lisbon)

Creative Sound Lab
The Museum as an Acoustic Space
9 March 2013, 14h00 – 19h00
Communications Museum

Rua do Instituto Industrial, nº 16
1200-225 Lisbon

GPS coordinates 38.707818 | -9.150462

We invite the participants of this lab to give their best attention to the sound world of the space of the Communications Museum and to listen actively and imaginatively to all extremely rich and fascinating sounds that will surround them … Then, with their ears and new technological tools to capture sound, they will explore the interior of the Communications Museum: telephones, radio, television and other sound elements both from inside and from the surroundings of the Museum.

Join this experiment!

Directed by: Luis Costa (Binaural / Nodar)

Co-production: Binaural/Nodar with Portuguese Communications Foundation

Useful Information:
Ages: families (with children / young people from 9 years old)
Date/time:: 9 March 2013, Saturday between 14h00 and 19h00
Price: € 15/participant (min 10 max 15)
Participation is subject to appointment (Telephone: 213 935 177 or

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