Binaural/Nodar projects presented at Audiolab (San Sebastián, Basque Country, ES)

Irekiaki #004 – Binaural/Nodar
Friday, 15 February, 2013 at 18:00
Arteleku | Audiolab

Kristobaldegi 14,
Loyola Auzoa
20014 Donostia – San Sebastián (ES)

Luís Costa, President of Binaural/Nodar travels to the Basque country to present, on 15 February, 2013, a talk + a session of sound immersion (Irekiaki #004) at Arteleku’s Audiolab, one of the most relevant and interesting sound art spaces throughout Spain and with whom Binaural/Nodar is starting a regular cooperation.

Here’s the session’s full program:

1. A talk:

. The Gralheira Mountain Range Territory (Municipality of S. Pedro do Sul)
. Binaural/Nodar: a sound art familiy project in rural context
. The Nodar Rural Art Lab
. The ‘Aldeias Sonoras’ educational project
. The ‘Tramontana’ European Network of Memory Archives

2nd. A session of rural sound immersion from the following pieces composed at the Nodar Rural Art Lab:

. Manuela Barile | A Esposa (The Bride)
. Maile Colbert and Rui Costa | Passageira da Água (Water Passenger)
. Luís Costa | 7 Minutos de Homens e Cabras (7 Minute of Men and Goats)
. Duncan Whitley | G.D. Parada

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