Binaural/Nodar chosen as good practice in rural context

Seminar “New Ruralities, New Futures”
Estação de Artes e Sabores

Av José Vaz, Nº2 – São Pedro do Sul (PT)
Saturday, January 26, 2013, from 9:30 to 17:30

Free admission with lunch
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The ICE-Institute of Educational Communities and Animar -Portuguese Association for Local Development are organizing the final seminar of the project “Discovering the Rural World” under the theme “New Ruralities, New Futures,” at which Binaural/Nodar will be presented as one of the projects committed to the generation and disseminations of good and innovative practices in the rural context. Luís Costa, president of Binaural/Nodar will be one of the speakers at the seminar, at which he will have the opportunity to detail the various mechanisms for territorial involvement implemented by the organization.

The initiative will take place in Sao Pedro do Sul (Estação de Artes eSabores) on 26 January 2013. The seminar aims at presenting and disseminating good practices in local development in rural areas, which can promote the rehabilitation of territories, the involvement of local people in their own development processes. Aims to contribute to the enrichment and visibility of these practices, allowing the contact between projects/initiatives and organizations, encouraging the sharing of experiences, knowledge and learning. The seminar will also fuel debate on future prospects/sustainability possibilities for rural areas.


9:30 a.m.

– Reception of participants


– Opening Session
– Presentation of project “Discovering the Rural World”
– Presentation of Good Practices for local development initiatives in rural areas


– Lunch (free for participants)


– Reflection / Discussion on the following topics:

.. Which dimentions / types of initiatives can produce changes in the countryside?
.. How to transform an initiative in an integrated development process?
.. Which forms of participation exist or should exist for the development in rural areas?
.. What guarantees the self-sustainability of the change processes in rural areas?
.. Which possible futures for rural areas?
.. What can sustain rural economies?


– Summary of the seminar


– Closing Session

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