A mix-down sound version of Passageira em Casa, a project by Maile Colbert and funded by the Portuguese General Directorate for the Arts was selected for Sound Devices, a series of sound miniatures to be presented throughout 2013 at Rathmines Library in the City of Dublin.

Accent, alliteration, assonance, consonance, euphony…: a sound device is a resource used by writers to convey and reinforce meaning or experience through the skilful use of sound…

Now I will do nothing but listen…
I hear all sounds running together,
combined, fused or following,
sounds of the city and sounds out of the city,
sounds of the day and night.
Walt WhitmanSong of Myself

From Homer to Ezra Pound, from Virgil to Camus, the use as well as the description of sound has been a constant presence in both poetry and fiction. Sound Devices is a series of curated monthly events setting out to explore the creative connection between sound and literature with an exciting program taking place in historical Rathmines Library in the City of Dublin.
Organised in celebration of the Library’s 100th Anniversary and curated by award-winning sound artist La Cosa Preziosa, each monthly event will present a varied and thought-provoking programme of Irish and International soundscape miniatures sent in from around the world.

Passageira em Casa is an intermedia and inter-disciplinary maritime performance inspired by the journey to define the concept of “home”. The narrative is a partially fictionalized and personalized account of the Maritime history of Portugal, enacted by a dancer, a vocal performer, a live video performer, a live electronic composer, and other artists…all of or children of immigration. The text of the project is inspired by Camões, Os Lusíadas.

The text, or “lyrics”, of the project are developed by the director, with poet Ian Colbert, based on Os Lusiadas; as well as Hawaiian chant, the directors ancestors diaries and memoirs, and the director’s own writing. The project is inspired by various texts related to maritime journeys and Portuguese history and culture. Context specific in varying historical, cultural, lingual, architectural, and personal aspects, the project has a conceptual anchor, but will always be born new as it travels to new locations and situations as an epic Exquisite Corpse.