4 Artists by the river Paiva: August, 16th – Nodar

Binaural and Associação Cultural de Nodar present:

4 Artists by the Paiva river
16 August 08 | 6.00 p.m.

Nodar Artist Residency Center
Nodar, S. Pedro do Sul (Portugal)

A multidisciplinary event in a rural context, organized within the scope of the Nodar Artist Residency Program. Four projects will be presented in several locations on the village and on its surroundings, forming both a spatial and an artistic itinerary through several contemporary expressions, namely sound art, performance, land art, video art and multimedia installation.

Art Projects to be presented:

Viv Corringham (UK)

“Shadow Walks”
Sound Art, Vocal Performance

A sound project with the participation of local inhabitants. The artist asked for volunteers to take her on their “special” walk, a walk that has been repeated many times and has distinct meaning or significance for that person. An initial walk with the person along their selected route, in which their conversations were recorded, was followed by the artist’s solo walk in which she attempted to sense her previous companion’s traces on the walk and to make these audible through her own improvised singing in the location.

Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Israel)
“Marking Stones”
Performance, Visual Arts

The artist wanders through the village, where the local slate stone is used to build walls, houses, pave roads, mark boundaries. She responds to the rocks at different sites by marking incising, drawing onto them, as well as making rubbings from them. A video and a set of photos will document her spontaneous interactions at each site. And for the open house, a live performance will take place along the stone roadway.

Jurate Jarulyte Weiss (Lithuania)
“Dream Objects”
Land Art

Behind every real object there is a dream object” (J. Baudrillard, “The System of Object”). Do we try to adjust our imagination to the real object or a situation? Then, how do our “dream objects” interact with new “real objects” or situations? The project intends to look for a natural and harmonious interaction with a local place and to create some extraordinary “dream like” situation.

Francisco Janes (Portugal)

Mixed-Media Installation

The project was structured around a hike along the river Paiva, from Nodar to the source in Carapito, Moimenta da Beira. Sounds, photos and video were recorded in Nodar and during the walk and will be presented as a mixed-media installation. The elements captured by the artist reflect a subjective vision of the relationship between a body and a landscape as well as the contingency and memory of a trip made against the flow, to the “interior” of a river.

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