An article about Binaural/Nodar’s approach to sound art has been published on Sounding Out! online journal (link, edited by the sound studies collective of the State University of New York, in Binghamton. This article, written by Rui Costa, Binaural/Nodar’s director of contents, provides a critical analysis on the various ways that sound has been explored by resident artists and in in-house projects developed throughout the last six years.

Rui Costa is a sound artist living in Lisbon, Portugal. He has been publicly presenting his work since 1998. He is a founding member of the cultural organization Binaural/Nodar and presently he is the editorial director and strategic adviser. In the early 2000’s, Rui Costa collaborated with the Spanish musician Iñaki Ríos, with whom he developed electronic composition systems programmed on Max/MSP, Lisa and Csound and developed a series of site-specific works in Nodar, with subsequent presentations in Portugal, Spain and the United States. In 2008, Rui collaborated with the Italian vocal performer Manuela Barile in a large-scale project entitled “La Scatola”, which was conceived as a series of installations and audiovisual performances. The premiere was at Binaural/Nodar’s artist residency center. This project was also presented in Spain, France and Italy. Since 2009, Rui Costa has been developing a series of sound installations entitled “Sightseeing for the Blind”, which deal with the tourist experience of a city. Until now this project has been presented in Lisbon and Aveiro (Portugal). Rui Costa is a regular speaker in lectures and gives workshops dedicated to sound art.

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