Imaginarius 13 Second Conversation
January 11, 2013, 18:00
Campos Chapel, Feira (PT)

Theme: “Folk Art and Contemporary Art: Dialogues.”


Luis Costa (Binaural / Nodar)
Manuel Santos Maia (Escola Superior Artística do Porto)
Isabel Bezelga (University of Évora)
David Neves (Folklore Group of S.Tiago Lobão)
Ramiro Ferreira (Folklore Group of Malmequeres de Lourosa)

Luis Costa, president of Binaural / Nodar will be one of the speakers at the second conversation Imaginarius 2013, organized by the festival Imaginarius in the city of Feira (PT), whose theme is dedicated to a reflection on possible intersections between contemporary arts and folk or popular arts. Luís Costa will contextualize the work of Binaural / Nodar in the Gralheira Mountain Range (S. Pedro do Sul) as an intervention model that is based on an everyday use of concepts, techniques and expressions from diverse origin (both contemporary and popular), provided they have a critical adherence to local territories and communities .