Donation campaign

Binaural launches a donation campaign to help supporting a set of new community-based projects in the Nodar region, a rural mountain area located in the Centre of Portugal.

These projects include the development of laboratories in audiovisual capturing and editing for the local communities’ youths, the launching of an itinerant exhibition programme of documentary films in the most isolated villages, and the setting in Nodar of an audiovisual documentation centre dedicated to the historical, social, cultural and environmental local heritages.

The donations obtained will help Binaural to buy audiovisual equipments and software, to pay the exhibition copyrights of movies and the edition of educational and promotion materials for the aforementioned projects.

Binaural is the co-producer, along with Associação Cultural de Nodar, of an international residencies’ programme on media and site-specific arts, that has been financially supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture with the logistic help of the São Pedro do Sul municipality.

To donate (through PayPal), go to the “Donations” box on the right sidebar of this blog.

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