Piccolo Teatro Sonoro: A sonic statement by Binaural/Nodar

Piccolo Teatro Sonoro is an aesthetical statement by Binaural/Nodar for Sounds of Europe project. Binaural/Nodar is a sound art cultural organization working in the Portuguese mountain area of Gralheira mountain range, where its Nodar Rural Art Lab is located. This video is an hybrid between the sonic activation of a specific site, in the case a small dam for agricultural use, the sonic exploration of ethnographic objects from the local culture and a spoken word statement by Binaural/Nodar’s president Luis Costa on the interest in promoting a localist perspective of field recordings, where the specificities of each territory are protected and therefore not engulfed by globalized tendencies, such as world sound maps and the unifying perspective that field recordists must be tireless travellers in search of exotic sound elements. Binaural/Nodar tries to defend the problematization of the possibilities for a regionalist, yet multidisciplinary and contemporary, approach with the long term objective of protecting, sharing and defending all elements of geographical and human heritage from a specific region.

Binaural/Nodar’s statement for Sounds of Europe is curated by Portuguese sound researcher Raquel Castro.

Piccolo Teatro Sonoro: A sonic statement by Binaural/Nodar from Binaural Nodar on Vimeo.

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