Beehiving in Topolò

Binaural’s Collective Sound Piece

In the context of “ToBeContinued”

A 24 hour broadcast from Topolò (Italy) during the all day of March, 24th 2010

“Beehiving” is a collective sound piece concieved in response of Stazione di Topolò’s invite to a 24 hour web/live event intitled “ToBeContinued” that consists on a sound travel that will link artists/sounds from all over the world, intended to link science and art/creativity in order to inform the wide public on key issues related to health, well-being of physical and spiritual nature, prevention of diseases, medical education, environment etc utilizing artistic expressions as a conduit. Binaural’s sound piece will use beehiving activities around Nodar as sound reflection about both the therapeutic potencial of honey and the beehive as a metaphor for an effective and operative community.

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