Memory Archive of Lafões, Paiva and Vouga valleys is on the road to document rural memories

The Memory Archive of Lafões, Paiva and Vouga Valleys is on the road with a vast program of recordings of the involved territories’ memories, which will end only in late 2013. This archive is integrated in the  Tramontana Network of memory archives of southern European countries, a project financed by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Involved municipalities:

{São Pedro do Sul} {Vouzela} {Oliveira de Frades} {Sever do Vouga} {Vale de Cambra} {Arouca} {Castro Daire} {Castelo de Paiva} {Vila Nova de Paiva} {Moimenta da Beira} {Sernancelhe}

Themes for the recordings:

{legends and oral traditions} {life stories} {fauna, flora, geography & geology} {agriculture and cattle raising} {forests and common lands} {crafts} {mining stories} {traditional music and chants} {religious festivities} {education in the school and in the family} {traditional building techniques} {soundscapes} {language, expressions and accents} {emmigration} {etc.}

Thank you to those who which to collaborate with us!



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