Maile Colbert gives lectures on “Passageira em Casa” at SUNY Binghamton

Maile Colbert will give two lectures at the State University of New York, Binghamton (US), where she will discuss her recent work, with a focus on her intermedia project “Passageira em Casa”.

10.Oct.12: Audio/Visual Performance class in Film and Video Department: Screening of intermedia and interdisciplinary projects by Maile Colbert using live video and audio techniques, with a highlight on her new project “Passageira em Casa”.

11.Oct.12: Morning class: “How We Listen”: after studying article on acoustic ecology written by Maile Colbert earlier this year, Colbert will discuss her use of field recording to give a sense of time and geography to recent intermedia and interdisciplinary projects, with a highlight on her new work “Passageira em Casa”.

In the afternoon, Colbert will discuss with Granduate students Acoustic Ecology and Art more in depth.

For more information on “Passageira em Casa”, click here.

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