Tramontana – 2nd International Forum:  Cultural Heritage from European Mountains
Research, Management and Diffusion for Rural Territories Development
Campania | Abruzzo (Italy)
24 – 30 September, 2012

Binaural/Nodar began on 1 May 2012 the participation in the European project Tramontana, a network of sound and video archives of mountain areas of Romance language. The project is funded by the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013 and has the participation of organizations from Portugal, France and Italy, specialists in various fields, ethnomusicology, soundscapes, visual anthropology, ethno-linguistic and ethno-choreology.

Within the context of the project Tramontana, Binaural/Nodar is currently developing the Memory Archive of the Valleys of Paiva and Vouga, presently on a field work phase of a variety of aspects from the local culture, which will be added to documentation collected by the organization since 2006. It is expected that in April 2013 this archive will be presented to the public which will feature more than 500 cataloged and transcribed entries.

In this second Tramontana forum, Luís Costa, President of Binaural/Nodar will present two papers and an original sound piece:

“The economy of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A system (almost always) far from being fair to the documented communities. Somo ideas for the restitution of benefits”
“Cultural documentation in the valleys of Paiva and Vouga: Thinking, recreating and disseminating by adapting speech and media to different types of audiences”
“Seven Minutes of Listening: Man-Animal Connection in the Landscape of Gralheira Mountain Range (PT)”

Participants at the Tramontana Project:

Binaural – Nodar Cultural Association (São Pedro do Sul, Portugal)
Associazione Bambun (Abruzzo, Italy)
Associazione LEM (Abruzzo, Italy)
Associazione La Leggera (Tuscany, Italy)
Nosauts of Bigorra (Midi-Pyrenees, France)
Numériculture (Midi-Pyrenees, France)
Eth Ostau Comengés (Midi-Pyrenees, France)


Monday, September 24, 2012
San Marco dei Cavoti (BN)
Lee Iacocca Foundation

Presentation of Tramontana Project and panel discussion on the topic:
Creating research networks for the promotion of intangible cultural heritage: The Project Tramontana meets Festival Ethnoi

Opening remarks:
Francesco Cocca (President of Foundation Lee Iacocca), Antonio Cormano (Councillor of Culture of the City of San Marco dei Cavoti)

Interventions from Tramontana Network:
Giovanni Agresti (LEM-Italy), Gianfranco Spitilli (Bambun), Luis Costa (Binaural / Nodar), Filippo Marranci (La Leggera), Sylvain Carrere (Nosauts of Bigorra), Renaud Lassalle (Eth Ostau Comenges), Josiane Marie Bedouret (Numericulture Gascogne) Ethnoi Festival: Sara Petroccia

The Land of Memory: A Choral History
Presentation of ongoing field work in San Marco dei Cavoti by the Association LEM-Italia by Sara Petroccia (Technical Team of Lee Iacocca Foundation), Silvia Pallini (President LEM-Italy) and Giovanni Agresti (University of Teramo, Italy, Head of LEM Italia for the Project Tramontana)
Ante-premiere of the documentary The Land of Memory: A Choral History by LEM-Italia.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
The Tramontana Project and Scientific Research
Fano Adriano (TE), New Multipurpose room

Presentation Tramontana Project and roundtable on the topic:
The Research on immaterial culture in rural and mountain areas: methods, experiences and perspectives

Opening remarks:
Adolfo Moriconi (Mayor of Fano Adriano), Giuseppe D’Alonzo (Mayor of Crognaleto), Nando Timoteo (President of the Mountain Communities of Gran Sasso)

Interventions from Tramontana Network:
Giovanni Agresti (LEM Italy), Towards a language of social development
Luis Costa (Binaural / Nodar), The economy of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A system (almost always) far from being fair to the documented communities. Some ideas for the restitution of benefits
Marco Magistrali (La Leggera), Ethnomusicological research and vitality of traditional forms of expression
Fabrice Bernissan (Nosauts de Bigorre), Collection of oral memory and connection with the university: experiences in Gascony
Gianfranco Spitilli (Bambun), Anthropology for the service of cultural transmission. Researchers, people, communities

Antonello Ciccozzi, anthropologist (Department of Humanities, University of L’Aquila), Luciano D’Amico (Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Teramo), Enrico Del Colle (Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Teramo ), Lia Giancristofaro, anthropologist (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chieti), Fulvio Marsilio (Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo), Dino Mastrocola (Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Teramo), Everardo Minardi, sociologist (Faculty of Political Science, University of Teramo), Fiammetta Ricci (Vice-President of CRISI.S -. Iconology Research Centre, Symbolic Politics and the Sacred, Department of History and Critique of Politics, University of Teramo) Federico Roggero, Law historian (Faculty of Law, University of Teramo), Vincenzo Spera, historian of popular traditions (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Molise)

Tasting of typical products in the Piazza del Coro, curated by “I Grignetti” Association, Pro Loco di Fano Adriano and local associations.

Musical evening under the theme “Natural Grandchildren, Cultural Grandchildren”
Contributions from musicians of Cerqueto, Filippo Marranci and Marco Magistrali, Gruppo di Questua di Fano Adriano, Gruppo di Questua di Poggio Umbricchio, Musicians and singers from the territory of Crognaleto and Montorio al Vomano

Friday, September 28, 2012
Tramontana and the Archives of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Pietracamela (TE), Municipal Council Hall

Presentation of Tramontana Project and panel discussion on the topic:
Parks and nature reserves in Europe, beyond the protection of protected landscape and animal species: archives of intangible cultural heritage for the custody and production of local memory

Opening remarks:
Antonio Di Giustino (Mayor of Pietracamela), Stefano Pierangeli (Asbuc Pietracamela), Franco Iachetti (Chair of BIM Consortium)

Interventions from Tramontana Network:
Giovanni Agresti and Gianfranco Spitilli, Tramontana files and intangible cultural heritage

Sound Intermezzo by Binaural/Nodar:
Seven Minutes of Listening: Man-Animal Connection in the  landscape of Gralheira Mountain Range (PT)

Cesare Baiocco (Director of the Regional Natural Reserve of Castel Cerreto), Antonello De Vico (Mayor of Farindola and president of the Association for STL’s Gran Sasso of Italy), Dario Febbo (Director of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise) Andrea Gennai (Head of Planning and Resource Management of Forests Casentinas, Mount Falterona and Campigna  National Park, delegate for the Model Forest and vice president of the Italian Association of Officers and Employees of Protected Areas), Don Filippo Lanci, patrologist ( CDS and Director of the Sacred Art Office of the Diocese of Teramo), Marcello Maranella (Director of the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga), David Penin (Head of Cultural Mission of the Pyrenees National Park), Antonello Ricci, anthropologist (University La Sapienza of Rome and scientific director of Intangible Culture Project), Giuseppe Rossi (President of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park), Roberta Tucci, ethno-anthropologist (ICCD – Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation), Mauro Vanni, Expert in European Programmes (Civica / ITACA)

Performance by Teatri Tra le Rue capo and collo: Stories of Women from Gran Sasso, by and with Mara Giammatteo. Music: Domenico Di Teodoro

Dinner at Circle of ACLI Intermesoli (TE) with stands organized by Circle ACLI and evening of songs and sonatas dedicated to the theme: Voices and verses of men and animals: Contribution: Poeti the braccio Bacugno di di Posta (RI)

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Tramontana and Dissemination of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Penna Sant’Andrea (TE), Hall of Castel Cerreto Reserve

Tramontana Project Presentation and panel discussion on the topic:
Paths of Continuity and Revitalization of Intangible Traditions

Opening remarks:
Antonio Fabri (Mayor of Penna Sant’Andrea and president of the Union of Municipalities “Colline del Medio Vomano”), Cesare Baiocco (Director of the Regional Natural Reserve of Castel Cerreto)

Interventions from Tramontana Network:
Giovanni Agresti and Silvia Pallini, Deepening and disseminating research: web, documentaries, conferences and series of studies (Lem-Italia)
Filippo Marranci, transmission of intangible culture in today’s Tuscan Apennines (La Leggera)
Luis Costa, Cultural documentation in the valleys of Paiva and Vouga: Thinking, recreating and disseminating, by adapting speech and media to different types of audiences (Binaural / Nodar)
Fabrice Bernissan, Sylvain Renaud Carrere and Lassalle, “Orality of Biscay.” Publications of original sounds from field research conducted with the inhabitants of Gascony: impact and prospects” (Nosauts de Bigorre – Eth Ostau Comenges – Numericulture Gascogne)
Marco Magistrali and Gianfranco Spitilli, Experiences of dissemination of cultural materials in northern Abruzzo (Bambun):

Publications series Bambun/Ricerche & Redazione.
Ethnographic archives as a place of diffusion
The production and dissemination of audiovisual recordings
The party as a place of creation and restitution

Pop-stars and Tramontana: the continued research in Roccamontepiano, Sant’Eusanio del Sangro, curated by Annamaria Talone
A draft study and dissemination of L’Arie de Notte. Scouts and projections directed by Dario Federico Carulli, Domenico Di Teodoro and Gianfranco Spitilli

Buffet of typical products curated by Ithaca Association and local producers, craft show coordinated by Bambun

Closing Party with the contribution of “Il Laccio d’Amore: Musicians from the Union of Municipalities”
Stand of local food and drinks curated by Pro Loco of Penna Sant’Andrea