Nodar Sound Installation – Performas

Nodar: Collective Sound Installation
Works by Maksims Shentelevs (LV), Aaron Ximm (US), Pali Meursault (FR) and John Grzinich (US)
Estúdio Performas, Aveiro (PT)
February, 17th – 27th 2010

This installation was developed at Nodar Artist Residency Center (Portugal) and reflects different esthetic and technical approaches towards Nodar’s sonic environment, ranging from pure field recordings, to field mixing, field improvisation and electroacoustic composition. Nodar Artist Residency Center, run by the artistic collective Binauralmedia, has positioned itself in the forefront of the international reflection and praxis concerning the use of environmental sounds, having been hosted since 2006 around twenty of the most active sound artists.

For additional information on the sound pieces, click here and here (by selecting the corresponding artists)

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