Farmers Market
Largo do Emigrante Sul (São Pedro do Sul, PT)
Sunday, September 9 from 9:00 to 18:00

Binaural / Nodar co-organizes an event in the village of Sul (municipality of São Pedro do Sul) that is aimed at simultaneously promoting the essence of local farming products in conjunction with new ways of valuing intangible heritage of these mountain villages. On the same occasion a Multifunctional Center will be inaugurated in Sul, where Binaural/Nodar will have an office from October 2012 on.


Opening of farmers market
(vegetables, fruit, sausages, sweets, crafts)
Largo do Emigrante, Sul

Traditional music
(Grupo musical dos unidos da encosta do São Macário)
Largo do Emigrante, Sul

Inauguration of Sul multifunctional space
(Forest Producers Association of São Macário, Aldeias de Magaio, Binaural / Nodar)
Largo do Emigrante, Sul

Multimedia exhibition curated by Binaural / Nodar: art and rural territory
(Works by Luis Costa, Manuela Barile, Rui Silveira, Duncan Whitley)
Sul multifunctional space