Vozes de Magaio Festival returns between July 26th and 29th

Vozes de Magaio Festival
At the annual pilgrimage to Mount St. Macarius

Gralheira Mountain Range, São Pedro do Sul (PT)
July 26th – 29th, 2012

For the first time, the annual pilgrimage to Mount São Macário, which takes place on the last Sunday of July since immemorial times, will have associated an authentic traditional music festival with local groups from the mountains of Gralheira and Montemuro and, giving an international flair, from the Italian mountains of Gran Sasso.

The pilgrims who came by foot from villages lost in the mountains, when arriving near the Mount São Macário were received with lively dance parties in the villages of Macieira, Sul, Aldeia, Rompecilha, Sequeiros, etc. The pilgrimage of São Macário was a meeting point for people from distant lands, in times when mobility was limited to walking. The concertinas, the “players” of string instruments and the voices that sang songs dedicated to Saint Macário, protector of judgment, were absolutely lively during those feast days.

It is precisely this link between territory, religion, authentic musical and oral traditions and rural communities that will be reactivated during the 2012 edition of the Vozes de Magaio Festival, organized by people from the hills of Mount São Macário: Binaural from the village of Nodar, Casa Recreativa Macieirense from the village of Macieira, the Civil Parish of Sul and the Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association from the village of Rompecilha.

All are welcome to these mountains, to join in the celebration and attend the Sunday religious services on the mount São Macário.


Thursday, July 26

21:00 Covas do Monte, Restaurant at Old Primary School
“Li Sandandonijre” Concertinas Group (Italy)

Friday, July 27

21:00 Macieira, Restaurant Salva Almas
“Li Sandandonijre” Concertinas Group (Italy)

Saturday, July 28

21:00 Macieira, Outside the restaurant Salva Almas
Grupo Musical Unidos da Encosta de São Macário

22:00 Macieira, Casa Recreativa Macieirense square
Traditional Dance Party with Orquestra Regional Sons da Beira Alra

22.00 Sul, Main square
“Li Sandandonijre” Concertinas Group (Italy)
Concertinas of Lafões Group
Followed by night walk to the top of Mount São Macário

00:30 Top of Mount São Macário
“Li Sandandonijre” Concertinas Group (Italy)
Grupo Musical Unidos da Encosta de São Macário
Concertinas of Lafões Group

Sunday, July 29

04:30 Church of São Martinho das Moitas
Night Pilgrimage to the top of Mount São Macário
See the sunrise atop the hill and back down (4 Euros w / food: Tel +351 232 723 003 – Ext 303)

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