Meeting in the Pyrenees (France)

Monday, June 25 to Monday, July 2, 2012
Places: Tarbes – Bouilh-Péreuilh – Lourdes – St Gaudens – Arbas (Region Midi-Pyrenees, France)

Binaural / Nodar began on May 1, 2012 the participation in the European project Tramontana, a sound and video archive network of Romance language mountain areas. The project is funded by the Culture 2007-2013 program and has a first phase with the participation of organizations from Portugal, France and Italy, experts in various fields, ethnomusicology, soundscapes, visual anthropology, ethno-linguistic and ethno-choreology.


Binaural – Associação Cultural de Nodar (São Pedro do Sul, Portugal)
Bambun Associazione (Abruzzi, Italy)
LEM Associazione (Abruzzi, Italy)
Associazione La Leggera (Tuscany, Italy)
Nosauts of Bigorra (Midi-Pyrenees, France)
Numériculture (Midi-Pyrenees, France)
Eth Ostau Comengés (Midi-Pyrenees, France)


Monday, June 25
Hosting of participants in Bouilh Péreuilh, headquarters of Nosauts de Bigorra Association

Tuesday, June 26
10:00 – Opening of the meetings. Presentation of the partner organizations. Practical organization of the meetings.
12:30 – Lunch in Pouyastruc
14:30 – Discussion of the Tramontana Chart
16:00 – How to respond to EU requirements in terms of the Culture Programme?
19:00 – Dinner

Wednesday, June 27
10.00 – Definition of work areas. Detailed presentation of the project. Discussion and recast
12:30 – Lunch in Pouyastruc
14.30 – Area 1: Methodology. Fieldwork in Gascony. Experiences of partners
19:00 – Dinner

Thursday, June 28
10.00 – Area 1: Methodology. Continuation of work and balance
11.30 – Area 2: Dissemination. Experiences from the partners. The Tramontana website
12:30 – Lunch in Pouyastruc
14.30 – Area 2: Dissemination. Continuation of work and balance.
18:00 – Visit and dinner in Lourdes

Friday, June 29
10.00 – Axis 3: Articles and common themes – joint discussings and working
12:30 – Lunch in Pouyastruc
15:00 – Visit to National Park of Tarbes. Meeting with the Deputy Director and responsible for the cultural mission of the park
19.00 – Dinner in Tarbes
21:00 – Concert in Aureilhan. An example of cultural diffusion: Pope Gahús

Saturday, June 30
Arbas (St. Gaudens)
17:00 – Musical conference about the bagpipes of the Aran Valley with Ménétrier Bernat, ethnomusicologist and Pierre Rouch, luthier
19.30 – Dinner hosted by Foyer Rural Arbas
21.00 – Projection of the documentary “Eths Segaires” by Jean-Paul Ferré
22.00 – Concert with Pierre Rouch and Pascale Respaud: Music and songs of the Pyrenees of Ariege (bagpipes, accordion, voice)
23:00 – Fire of Saint John in the village square

Sunday, July 1
Sarp (St. Gaudens)
12:00 – Lunch
16:00 – Review of the collection of oral culture in Gascony carried out by Renaud Lasalle
16.30 – Projection of the documentary “Thoth hormatge un!” on the manufacture of cheese by the shepherds of Barousse
17:30 – Roundtable on the traditional culture in the mountains of southern Europe (Gascogne, Portugal, Italy, Romania)
18:30 – Traditional dances with Ronde Pyrénéenne St-Bertrand-de-Comminges and tasting of cheese from Barousse
19:00 – Dinner

Monday, July 2
End of meeting