Theoretical and Practical Seminar

Educazione al Paesaggio Sonoro (“Education for Soundscape”)

June 08-09-10, 2012 | 9:30 to 18:00

Cellino Attanasio (province of Teramo, Abbruzzo Region, Italy)

Coordination Luis Costa featuring Manuela Barile


Additional Information:

Our smallest gesture induces sounds and our entire social life involves creating a sound framework, made of voices, subjects, tools, activities, etc. In a sense it is possible to note that sound is a valuable social tool because of the degree of detail and specificity it can give to the knowledge of communities and their daily interactions and because of the positive impact sound has on identity processes and self-esteem of social groups. Today, the increasing importance given to aspects of individual or collective memory requires new methodologies that deal specifically with the use of sound in the capture, documentation and expression of memory.

This seminar aims to develop methodologies for the acquisition of skills in educational work (in a school context or not) using sound as a valuable tool to the discovery of a territory and its communities, at the same time incorporating a multidisciplinary sense by the use of tools from different scientific areas / techniques.

The seminar “Educazione al Paesaggio Sonoro” is coordinated by Binaural / Nodar and is integrated in the “L’Osso che Canta” (“The Bone that Sings”) symposium organized by the Italian organization Bambun and devoted to ethnomusicology, anthropology and sound in rural areas.