Paivascapes #1
Nodar Artist Residency Center for 2010

Finally our jury has chosen the artists who will take part on the several residency modules dedicated to the interaction with the Paiva River, to happen between February and October 2010, from the river’s spring to its mouth:

Manuela Barile (IT)
Marc Behrens (DE)
Rui Costa (PT)
Craig Dongoski (US)
Jez riley French (UK)
Anna Hints (EE)
William Lamson (US)
Patrick McGinley & Others (US/EE)
Yasuno Miyauchi (JP) & Masayo Kajimura (JP)
Phill Niblock (US) & Katherine Liberovskaya (CA)
o.blaat (JP)
Cédric Peyronnet (FR)
Lasse-Marc Riek (DE)
Ignaz Schick (DE)
Charles Stankievech (CA)
Riccardo Mantelli (IT)

To the more than 200 artists who submitted proposals, our sincere gratitude for the interest in Paivascapes #1 and we feel sorry for not being able to select so many incredible projects.