Nodar Rural Art Lab
Artistic creation laboratory in residence
Students of the MA in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro (PT)
March 29 – April 1, 2012

Retiro da Fraguinha (Candal, São Pedro do Sul, PT)

Between March 29 and April 1 will be held the second edition of an artistic creation laboratory in residence, a partnership with the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro.

This second edition is integrated in the Sound and Rural Architecture Festival, to the extent that the field work to be developed by the students will have a conceptual and structural relationship with the different types of rural architecture of the Gralheira mountain range and a selection of these works will be presented in final weekend of the festival between 28 and 29 April 2011.

In parallel with the artistic research of students, Binaural / Nodar will carry out a series of master classes and workshops during the days of residence on some aspects related to the usefulness of sound and work in connection with territories and communities, within a context of contemporary creativity.