Sound Villages2012
Intergenerational Sound Dialogues
Canelas Primary School, Arouca (PT)
1 -11 February, 2012

The educational project Sound Villages consists in the recording, editing and mapping of the acoustic heritage of rural villages in parallel with its geographical, historical and socio-cultural survey, promoting a sense of identity, diversity and pride in living in rural areas. In 2012 this project will be devoted to intergenerational dialogue within the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.

The cycle of Sound Villages for 2012 entitled “Intergenerational Sound Dialogues” will consist in a set of sound recordings of the life and memory of elder people in rural areas, to be made by children and youths from the same localities.  The results of this cycle of sound recordings will be mapped on the site, and will have the specific objective of creating a space of mutual understanding between different age groups in rural areas that normally have radically different perception of the world, namely in terms of social dynamics and the way work is perceived.

The cycle will begin with a set of recordings in the village of Canelas, Arouca, being already scheduled other sessions in the parishes of São Martinho das Moitas and Valadares, both in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul.