Chestnut and Honey Feast in Macieira (São Pedro do Sul, PT)

The Chestnut and Honey Feast takes place in Macieira, civil parish of Sul (municipality of S. Pedro do Sul, Portugal), on 12th and 13th November 2011 (Saturday and Sunday).

The initiative, having the primary objective of promoting the local autumn products, especially chestnuts and honey, will also be a presentation of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region, which will be presented in different forms, combining innovation with tradition: crafts exhibition, gastronomy workshops and exhibition, sound walks, documentary films made in the region, concertinas, traditional dances and songs, etc.

The festival is co-organized by Magaio Villages Network  (and within this, Binaural / Nodar as the entity that coordinates part of the program), Municipality of S. São Pedro do Sul, Macieira Recreational Organization, Civil Parish of Sul and CLDS – “S. Pedro do Sul, the Future is Here”, in partnership with the Parish Councils of São Martinho das Moitas and Covas do Rio.

Binaural / Nodar hosts three activities within the event:

a) A sound walk in the ancient chestnut grove of Macieira, where sounds of falling urchins and leaves will be recorded after a careful listening. This action will be coordinated by Luís Costa and will take place on November 12th from 10.00.

b) Premiere of the documentary “I’m going at your table in Gralheira” by Rogério Nuno Costa, made from and artist residency hosted by Binaural / Nodar in September 2011 and that brings together the documentation for a wide variety of gastronomic interactions carried out in the parishes of Manhouce and Candal (municipality of São Pedro do Sul).

c) Documentary “Voices of Magaio # 1” by Luis Costa, coordinator of Binaural, that brings together video excerpts from the women songbook collections o the Magaio Villages (Gralheira mountain range, São Pedro do Sul), made between 2009 and 2011 in the villages de Sequeiros, Nodar, Rompecilha, Candal and Manhouce. This documentary is the first of a series of documentaries directed by Luis Costa from aspects of local oral tradition.

Those interested in participating in Chestnut and Honey Festival with an exhibitor to promote and market their products should register until November 4th (Friday), at the office of the Associação Aldeias de Magaio Rua de Camões, N 6 – 1, Dto. Frente (São Pedro do Sul) or via email:

For more information please phone +351 232 723 160 (Magaio Villages Association).

XIII Chestnut and Honey Festival

Macieira, Sul – São Pedro do Sul (PT)
12 e 13 November 2011

November 12 (Saturday)

Traditional Singing and Dancing Group “Os Pienses”
Time: 14:00

Workshop “Chestnut in the culinary arts”
(Free admission / Coordination: Sara Pinto)
Time: 14:30

Promotion of the Magaio Villages’ exhibitors. Local gastronomy: Candal (Corn flour and vegetable soup) + Covas do Monte (Honey Doughnuts)
Time: 15:30

Traditional Singing and Dancing Group “Os Pienses”
Time: 16:00

Welcoming ceremony by local dignitaries and tour to the exhibitors
Time: 16:30

Documentary “I’m going to your table in Gralheira”
(With the presence of the director Rogério Nuno Costa)
Time: 16:45

Bring your Concertina and Traditional Magusto (communal chestnut roasting)
Time: 17:30

Traditional Dinner
(Registration: 926809612)
Time: 20:00

Popular Dance Party with Live Music
Time: 21:00

November 13 (Sunday)

Hiking Tour + Chestnut Trees’ Planting + Chestnut grove Sound Walk
(Registration: 919257865)
Time: 10:00

Traditional Lunch
(Registration: 926809612)
Time: 12:30

Workshop “The Honey Cycle”
(Free / Coordination: José Gomes and Engª Rachel)
Time: 14:00

Documentary “Voices of Magaio”
(With the presence of director Luis Costa)
Time: 14:30

Lourosa da Trapa Folklore Group
Time: 15:15

Promotion of the Magaio Villages’ exhibitors. Demonstration of the linen cycle (Rompecilha) + Crafts Show (Manhouce)
Time: 16:00

Civil Parish of Sul Folklore Group
Time: 16:45

Bring your Concertina and Traditional Magusto (communal chestnut roasting)
Time: 17:30

Time: 19:00

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