Songbook collections from Aldeias de Magaio presented in Covas do Monte

Since 2006 Binaural / Nodar has made an extensive collection of sound and videographic documents of the oral, musical and sound heritage from the mountainous areas of Gralheira, Arada and Montemuro and from the valley of the Paiva River (Portugal). This collection project, entitled “Memory Archive of Beira-Douro Mountains”, will be integrated in an upcoming large-scale European project consisting of a network memory archives from mountain areas of the Romance languages ??(Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Romania ).

The geographic scope of the collections developed or to be developed by Binaural / Nodar includes territories that the Portuguese geographer Orlando Ribeiro integrated in block of mountain ranges located south of the Douro river and north of the Mondego river, including municipalities belonging to the district of Aveiro (Castelo de Paiva, Sever do Vouga , Vale de Cambra), Viseu (São Pedro do Sul, Castro Daire, Lamego, Cinfães, Resende, Vila Nova de Paiva, Vouzela, Oliveira de Frades, Tondela, Mortágua, Santa Comba Dão, Penedono, Sernacelhe, Tondela, Satão) and Guarda (Aguiar da Beira).

As part of the annual feast of the village of Covas do Monte (municipality of São Pedro do Sul), Luis Costa, coordinator of the “Memory Archive of Beira-Douro Mountains”, will present on September, 25 at 17:00, some video excerpts of traditional women songs from Aldeias de Magaio (São Pedro do Sul), made ??between 2009 and 2011 in the villages of Sequeiros, Nodar, Rompecilha, Manhouce and Candal.

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