Nodar art residencies: Open Call for 2010

Binauralmedia and Nodar Artist Residency Center announce:


International Open Call for Art Projects

Selection of 12 art projects to be developed during several 2-week residency modules to take place between February and October 2010.

Closing date for the open call: 30 September 2009

Art disciplines: Phonography; sound installation; vocal performance; sound poetry; acoustic, electroacoustic or electronic improvisation / composition.

The Nodar Artist Residency Program for 2010 will have a single aggregating subject: the Paiva River. Throughout the year, from winter to autumn, several multidisciplinary art projects (having sound as a central element) will be developed in a context-specific perspective, interacting with the river’s different geographical areas, from its spring to its mouth. A tribute to a small river that is a symbol of a region that (still) can live in a well-balanced interaction with nature. Following the relationship that exists between the village of Nodar and the Paiva River, which already motivated the development of several art works, it was now decided to spread this interaction to the whole course of the river, giving a sense of coherence and plurality to the reflection, tracing continuity and rupture lines, patterns, densities and transitional zones, either related with geographical and human elements.

In the beginning of 2011 the several art works will be presented to local audiences, in the context of an event that will include conferences, concerts, video screenings and a retrospective exhibition of the whole project. This exhibition will later follow an itinerancy through several towns along the course of the Paiva River and will have an underlying program of educational activities intended for children and young people.

Full text of the open call and application instructions, here.

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