Passageira em Casa/Passenger at Home“, a project by Maile Colbert will have an artist residency between 22 and 27 Aug. at Estúdio PerFormas in Aveiro, where the audience will have the opportunity to witness the creative process of an intermedia work in which several disciplines and media interact with each other to form a coherent whole. For this purpose, the studio doors will be open from 4pm to 6pm on August 25th, 26th and 27th. The artist residency will focus on the connections between sound, video, choreography and text, which have been previously developed in specific residencies that took place in New York, Lisbon and Nodar.

“Passageira em Casa/Passenger at Home” is an intermedia and inter-disciplinary performance  inspired by the journey to define the concept of “home.” The narrative is a partially fictionalized and personalized account of the maritime history of Portugal, enacted by dance, vocal performance, live video, live electronic sound and composition, multi-channel underwater ballet and opera. The text of the project is inspired by Camões, Os Lusíadas.


Passanger at Home
An intermedia performance by Maile Colbert

Artistic Direction, Video: Maile Colbert
Sound Design: Rui Costa
Lyrics: Maile Colbert and Ian Colbert
Dramaturgy: Rui Catalão
Choreography: Wanda Gala
(Pre-recorded and live mixed) Vocal Performance: Anna Hints
Dance: Mário Filipe, Rafaela Salvador, Inês Jacques, Susana Gaspar

Funding: Portugal’s Secretary of State for Culture