Manuela Barile & Rui Costa: Workshop – Viriato Theatre

Workshop “The Amplified Expression of the Body”
Directed by Manuela Barile and Rui Costa

15 – 18 June 09 (6.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.)
Viriato Theatre (Viseu, PT)

A theoretical -practical workshop, in which the use of voice, body, the acoustical and physical space and of sensorial amplification techniques intersect and concur to a contemporary artistic practice enriched in its expressive possibilities.

The laboratory offers an introduction to the perception and control processes of the body, sound and space, the listening, expression and communication mechanisms of the inner sensibility, the methodologies for organizing the materials that define a multidisciplinary performance, the sensor-based tools and interactive systems for capturing and amplifying physical realities, in particular of the human body, and their translation to acoustic realities, and the subsequent processing of those acoustic realities.

The laboratory will be conducted by two artists who are specialists in the various areas in question and proposes an approach of immediate and practical application of the concepts and tools, through the development of a final project including contributions of all the participants.

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