“La Scatola”: closing show

Binaural and Viriato Theatre present:

La Scatola

An Intermedia Show by Manuela Barile and Rui Costa

Friday, 19 June 09 – 9.30 p.m.

Viriato Theatre, Viseu (PT)

Tickets between 5 and 10 Euros

The closing show of “La Scatola” by Manuela Barile and Rui Costa following an itinerancy that brought the project to 14 locations, such as exploratory music festivals, concert halls, galleries and museums throughout Portugal, Spain, Italy and France

An innovative intermedia show where voice, performance, mutichannel sound and video (both pre-recorded and in real time) create an immersive world to narrate situations that are common to everyone: distant memories, the childhood between dream and nightmare, places and people from each one’s past, etc.

“La Scatola” explores the notion of confinement using multiple approaches. Working on the border zone between the ‘I’ and the outside world, ‘La Scatola’ (“The Box”, in English) can be thought as a narrative device, that represents a diffuse space between the “inside” and the outside”, between the “I” and the “other”, in which multiple and sometimes opposite strength lines are present: sensitive manifestations of the incarcerated and/or protected body, distorted visions of the external world, anxiety, wishes and memories. We may define this zone in purely spatial terms (“forbidden zone”, “abyss”,  “barrier”) but also in terms of bidirectional “energy fluxes” created by the sensorial and emotional projection of the incarcerated individuality into the outside world (pain, desire, resistance, impotence, etc.) and by the representation (idealized, distorted, diffuse) of the outside world in the mind and body of the incarcerated individual.

The several narrative devices are organized in order to create enigmatic situations, between the familiar and the weird (or distant). The images or objects to be used, in its simplicity and depuration, can be transformed in a mirror capable of facing the audience with their own memories and individual experiences.

The project was developed in multiple metamorphosis and presented in several interchangeable contexts: installations, performances, concerts (solos / duos), site-specific presentations and workshops.

Artistic Direction: Manuela Barile (Italy) and Rui Costa (Portugal)

Dramaturgic Collaboration: Bojana Bauer (Serbia)

Video Post-Production: João Rodrigues (Portugal)

Production Direction: Luís Costa

Artist Residencies: Nodar Guest Studio (Portugal) | MoKS (Estonia)

Funding: General Office of the Arts | Ministry of Culture, Portugal

Acknowledgments: Associação Cultural de Nodar (Portugal) | S. Pedro do Sul Municipality (Portugal) | Zoom – Associação Cultural (Portugal) | Amigos do Museu de Olaria de Barcelos (Portugal) | ZDB Gallery (Portugal) | MoKS (Estonia) | Vel-Net (Italy) | Villa Franchin (Italy) | Madcap Collective (Itália) | Città di Venezia (Italy) | MARCO – Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo (Spain) | Sinsal Collective (Spain) | MUSAC – Contemporary Art Museum of León (Spain) | Junta de Castilla y León – Consejeria de Cultura y Turismo (Spain) | Almazen. Serial Artist (Spain) | La Casa Encendida de Obra Social Caja Madrid (Spain) | Asociación Musicalibre (Spain) | Centro Huarte – Contemporary Art Centre of Navarra (Spain) | Presence Capitale (France) | Erratum (France) | Viriato Theatre, Viseu (Portugal)

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