Retrospective Exhibition of Sound and Audiovisual Works
Estúdio PerFormas, Aveiro (PT)
8 – 11 June, 2011

It will be open to the public at Estúdio Performas in Aveiro, between 8th and 11th June 2011, an itinerant retrospective exhibition of nine contemporary works in the areas of sound and intermedia art, all conceived as part of artist residencies that took place in 2010 from the source to the mouth of Paiva River. The authors used “site specific” reflection and practice methods to broaden the perception of landscapes and river communities, thus escaping a purely instrumental understanding of rural areas, which unfortunately is becoming the general rule. The exhibition of these works in Aveiro, where is the mouth of the Vouga River, also aims to build bridges with organizations and individuals interested in collaborating on a future (and urgent) aesthetic reflection on this important Portuguese river, about to undergo an irreversible transformation with the construction of the Ribeiradio dam.

Authors of the exhibited works:

Anna Hints (Estonia)
Charles Stankievech (Canada)
Craig Dongoski (United States)
Phill Niblock (USA) and Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada)
Lasse-Marc Riek (Germany)
Patrick McGinley (USA), Marja-Liisa Plats (Estonia), Luis Costa (Portugal) and Tiago Carvalho (Portugal)
Masayo Kajimura (Germany / Japan), Yasuno Miyauchi (Japan)
William Lamson (United States)
Jez riley French (UK)

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